Studied Foreign Trade in Belgrano University (Argentine) and he was certified like Leading Auditor ISO 9000 by IRAM (Argentine) and Leading Auditor ISO 14000 by U.C.E.S. University (Argentine). Jose also received the “Strategic Quality Management Diploma” by Austral University (Argentine), and earned a scholarship to study in Japan “The Total Quality Management Program for Latin America (LAQM-2)”, by Association Organization for Overseas Technical Scholarship (A.O.T.S.)
He has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice conferred by Ashworth College (EE.UU.), and he completed his studies in Security Specialist and Private Investigator in Atlanta, GA (EE.UU.). Also, he studied languages at California University and Kaplan College from Washington DC (EE.UU.).
Nacul earned a certificate like Kapap Instructor by KAPAP Academy in 2009, and he went to Israel in 2011, and he was promoted to Phase One Krav Maga Instructor by Moshe Katz (Israel Krav International – IKI). Since that year, the Centro de Difusion de Kapap & Krav Maga is an official member in good standing of IKI.
In 2012, Nacul was training with Peter Weckauf (Tactical Combat System – T.C.S.) in Austria, and he got a Membership and the License to teach the Knife Fighting Concept method.
Nacul oversees the curriculum development process and manages course content for personnel defense programs. In directing the activities of CENTRO DE DIFUSION from Argentine, he researches and develops new courses and ensures that the highest quality of instruction is received by each and every student. He has been training Army special groups, police officers, civilians and freelance professionals.
ANTI HIJACKING TRAINING COURSE Israeli Krav International (IKI). Apeldoorm, Holanda. Abril, 2017
FIRST EUROEAN CONVENTION Israeli Krav International (IKI). Koenisgbach Stein, Alemania, Octubre, 2017